Chernivtsi - it was there that the next familiarization visit was made by the team of the NGO "Vision Zero"

Chernivtsi - it was there that the next familiarization visit was made by the team of the NGO "Vision Zero"

On June 9, 2023, members of the NGO "Vision Zero" arrived in Chernivtsi to receive up-to-date information about the operation of the city's public transport, its existing problems and challenges. 1686385970848

We managed to communicate with representatives of local self-government bodies there - deputy mayors Igor Krokhmal, Yevhen Makhovikov and director of the transport department Ludmila Svyrida. Based on the results of this meeting, we learned from them about the state of public transport in Chernivtsi and already implemented projects.

Lyudmila Svyrida said that private carriers still dominate the bus transport market of Chernivtsi, their share is 73% against 17% of buses of the communal carrier . Cooperation of Chernivtsi with private carriers is atypical compared to other cities. In particular, the city council provided for the operation of so-called "discounted routes". There is a rule that provides for 30% of seats free of charge for preferential categories of passengers. After that, private carriers receive compensation for them from the city budget.

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Deputy Mayor Yevhen Mahovikov noted that the Chernivtsi Community Passenger Transport Development Program and Electric Transport Development Program are active in the city. They provide for the development of public transport, in particular electric, to improve the quality of transport.

Another important project that has already been successfully implemented in buses and trolleybuses of the KP Chernivtsi Trolleybus Administration is the introduction of the "electronic ticket" system . Validators are placed in vehicles for payment of travel by transport and bank card. The use of cash was completely excluded from the payment methods. Private carriers are not yet connected to the system. 1686385970711

During the meeting at the Chernivtsi Trolleybus Administration KP, its director Petro Lysak told how the work of the enterprise is currently being transformed. The city authorities are betting on further dominance in the transportation market. The main thing is to update the rolling stock. In recent years, Dnipro T203 trolleybuses with batteries for driving areas without a contact network and PTS-12 have been purchased for ChTU. photo_2023-06-16_13-29-31

Also, Petro Lysak believes that the buses received by KP "ChTU" are a transitional period in order to ensure better regularity of public transport already now. In the future, electric transport will develop more and more. In his opinion, 80% of routes in the city could be covered by trolleybuses. However, this requires renewal of at least 70% of the rolling stock (old cars), as well as the purchase of additional vehicles. In addition, there is a need to complete and rebuild the contact network to enable the movement of trolleybuses in additional directions.

In the end, Petro Lysak noted that despite all the positive changes, there is an acute shortage of drivers and technical personnel for the maintenance of buses and trolleybuses in the KP "ChTU". They are trying to correct this by raising wages, improving working conditions, and encouraging students from vocational colleges to complete internships at the enterprise with further employment. photo_2023-06-16_14-21-15