Nadvirna: a small town with a desire to improve urban mobility

Nadvirna: a small town with a desire to improve urban mobility

On June 22, experts from the NGO "Vision Zero" came to the city of Nadvirna, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The purpose of this familiarization visit was to gather up-to-date information on the operation of public transport and the nuances of its operation.

IMG_20230622_123900 In the premises of the city council, we talked with local representatives of local self-government bodies. Among others, with Ihor Pysklynets, the deputy mayor for financial, economic and social development, Iryna Babii, the leading specialist of the department of trade, transport and agricultural industry, and Taras Novoselskyi, the head of the economy department.

Iryna Babii said that there are 6 city bus routes in Nadvirnaya. All of them are served by private carriers with small-class buses. Complaints about their work from passengers are rare. Mostly this is in the case of a fare increase and some kind of rudeness on the part of the driver. The fare on city "routes" is UAH 10, and for students it is UAH 8. Travel is free for privileged categories (and schoolchildren), but carriers do not receive compensation from the city budget. Therefore, there is an "unspoken" rule of two preferential seats in one bus.

photo_2023-06-23_11-00-32 (2) The city leaders have a desire to create a municipal carrier for their own control and organization of transportation. However, since the beginning of a full-scale war, the city budget cannot allow this. They say that this will be possible only thanks to grant support from international donors.

As for suburban and district transportation between villages of the Nadvirnya Territorial Community, the situation is much worse . In fact, each route has its own carrier with one or two buses. The tariff varies depending on the mileage. Travel allowances do not apply there.

The main problem of these transports is the condition of the road surface both in the villages and between them. There are several villages where the leaders of the territorial community are asking the existing carrier to make at least a small number of flights.


Also, in Nadvirnaya there is a problem with the organization of the parking system in the city. As of now, it is very chaotic , said Taras Novoselskyi. Cashless payment for parking is not possible because there was no parking operator who would install an expensive parking meter. And the drivers of "routes" in the middle of the city have set up a permanent "bus station" that interferes with the movement of other vehicles. The city administration cannot finally overcome this. There are several problematic intersections in the city that need professional research and solutions.


Specialists of the NGO "Vision Zero" managed to investigate them in person, as well as some other parts of the streets, where the latest infrastructure solutions can be implemented.

In conclusion, Ihor Pysklynets said that the city leaders want to implement the transformation of one of the streets in the central part of the city into a pedestrian one. However, there are obstacles with the approval of such a decision in the police and discussion among residents.