Save public transport. 10 actions to change public policy (document)

Save public transport. 10 actions to change public policy (document)

We present to your attention the recommendations for public policy reform in the public transport sector in Ukraine, which our public organization presented on April 12, 2024 in Lviv during the round table "Save public transport: 10 actions at the state level".

In January 2024, the Ministry of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine initiated a meeting with the participation of representatives of local self-government bodies, communal enterprises and public organizations on the issue of improving regulatory and legal regulation in the electric transport sector.

The meeting discussed current problems of local communities regarding the functioning and development of urban electric transport and proposals for improving legislation in the electric transport sector to ensure its sustainable development. According to the results of the meeting, experts of the non-governmental organization "Vision Zero" analyzed 76 proposals from 16 interested parties, which were divided into 6 groups :

  • Updating legislation;
  • Changes to the "Tram and Trolleybus Operation Rules";
  • Changes to Ukrainian standards;
  • Changes to the DBN;
  • Financing (lending) of capital expenditures;
  • Other problems requiring consideration at the level of state policy.

This resulted in a document entitled "Recommendations for changes in state policy to ensure the proper functioning of public transport in the conditions of martial law in Ukraine and as part of a sustainable (green) recovery", which we sent to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The recommendations cover four topics:

  • Personnel problems in the HT sector;
  • Costs of electric energy and its technical and legal regulation;
  • Rolling stock transferred to cities as humanitarian aid;
  • Legislative regulation of the organization of passenger transport and technical regulation of the railway infrastructure.
Each topic consists of detailed recommendations and their arguments. We hope that the presented document will become a guide for reforming state policy in the coming months.

To view the full version of the recommendations , please click on the image below and you will be taken to the PDF file: