Save public transport: 10 steps were named in Lviv, how the state can improve its functioning

Save public transport: 10 steps were named in Lviv, how the state can improve its functioning

On April 12, 2024, the non-governmental organization "Vision Zero" organized a round table on the topic "Save public transport: 10 actions at the state level", which was held in Lviv. Its purpose was to draw attention to the necessary steps in state policy that will allow cities to ensure the functioning of public transport in the conditions of martial law in Ukraine.

"Public transport has been declining for the last 10 years " is a very radical phrase, it is not always so. A different situation is observed in Ukraine. New trams and trolleybuses periodically appear in cities, and people like it. The infrastructure is really falling apart. According to our research, the problems of public transport are not yet visible to the general public, but the deputies do not see the lack of drivers and the tired infrastructure" , - said during the round table, the chairman of the board of the NGO "Vision Zero" Viktor Zagreba.

As early as 2023, experts from the non-governmental organization "Vision Zero" began working with the newly created public transport team of the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine. At the beginning of January 2024, there was a joint meeting with representatives of cities and communal enterprises. In total, more than 50 participants took part in the meeting. The issues were different: from the lack of drivers, the increase in the duration of work, to the financing of capital expenditures on infrastructure, in particular, in Kherson, where everything is very, very difficult.

According to the analyst, researcher of urban mobility and public transport (Lviv), GO "Vision Zero" Demyan Danylyuk, the organization's experts organized all proposals and complaints of cities. The result was 25 pages of text containing 76 proposals from 16 interested parties.

After analyzing all the proposals in February, recommendations were issued to improve the operation of public transport in the cities of Ukraine in various aspects:


Personnel problem:

  • training and work of trolleybus and bus drivers from the age of 18;
  • to make changes to the regulatory framework for a simplified procedure for involving trolleybus drivers in driving buses and vice versa;
  • extended working hours of drivers until the end of martial law;
  • provide a mechanism for booking drivers from mobilization in an acceptable time frame.

Electric energy:

  • regarding the proposal "On a permanent basis to apply for KP electricity tariffs set for the population", it is recommended not to implement this proposal;
  • development and adoption of a resolution of the CMU regarding the definition of a specific document regarding price fluctuations;
  • to create legal opportunities and incentives for KPs to generate and sell electricity.

Use on routes of transport received as humanitarian aid:

  • to make changes to the normative legal acts that will allow the use of rolling stock received as humanitarian aid on routes with revenue generation (tolls).

Public transport policy reform:

documents We invite you to view the full version of the round table: